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  1. To make textual, contextual video and photo documentation;

  2. To communicate with people in the hinterland for archaeological research, and to build up a biocultural map, a mental and ecological atlas of the rock art landscape, on the basis of documentation of related folklore and natural and manmade features;

  3. To make inventory of rock art sites;

  4. To make suggestions for structural, ecological, and, in rare cases, direct conservation, preferably using local materials and techniques;

  5. To develop a digital archive of videos, photo and other electronic data;

  6. To make documentaries on the basis of the video documentations in the field;

  7. To organise Exhibitions (Permanent, Mobile, Temporary);

  8. To bring out publications, both in print and electronic media;.

  9. To prepare a Conservation Manual for rock art sites.




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