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From 1992 IGNCA has instituted a series of Memorial Lectures in honour of eminent scholars who have made a pioneering contribution to different fields of study, and whose academic approach and direction are of direct relevance to IGNCA. At present, two such lectures have been held – one in Hindi and one in English. These are:

Acharya Hazari Prasad Memorial Lecture, in collaboration with Hazari Prasad Dwivedi Memorial Nyas: Prof. Vidya Niwas Mishra gave a lecture in 1992 on History, Mythology and Literature. This was followed by Prof. Christopher Maria Byrski on 19 August 1993. The title of his speech was Ek Bata Teen aur Bharatiya Sanskriti (One upon Three and Indian Culture). Prof. Byrski, eminent Indologist, Sanskritist who is currently Polish Ambassador in India gave a stimulating lecture in Hindi on several aspects of Indian culture. He also paid rich tribute to Prof. Acharya Hazari Prasad Dwivedi, the stalwart of Hindi literature, Dr. L.M. Singhvi, Indian Ambassador in Britain, chaired the session.


Prof. N.K. Bose Memorial Lecture: On two consecutive days, 28 and 29 October 1993, Prof. Surajit Sinha spoke on Indian Civilization, Structure and Change. An eminent anthropologist and former vice-chancellor, Visva Bharati in Calcutta, Prof. Sinha is the author of several books and papers, including two books on Dr. Nirmal Kumar Bose himself. In the first lecture, Dr. Sinha spoke on Bose’s involvement in anthropological research and in exploring the creative power of Indian civilization. The second lecture was devoted to a reappraisal on the structure and transformation of Indian Civilization from the speaker’s point of view. The nature of continuity and change in the context of national integration and nation building came up for detailed treatment in the deliberations.


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