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Indira Gandhi Memorial Fellowships Announced


The prestigious Indira Gandhi Memorial Fellowships, for the year 2001 have been awarded to Dr. Gopi Chand Narang, Dr. R. Sathyanarayana and Dr. Sunita Jain.

The two year fellowship carries a monthly stipend of Rs. 12000/- plus Rs. 2,500/- for secretarial assistance.  The awardees also can draw upto Rs. 25000/- per annum towards contingency and travel expensens.  The prestigious Fellowship, instituted in 1995, on the occasion of 10th anniversary of martyrdom of Prime Minister Mrs. Indira Gandhi, is given to scholars and creative artistes whose research work can contribute to a rich source of material in their respective subjects.  The candidature for the fellowship is accepted through nominations as well as individual applications.  A sub-committee constituted by IGNCA decides the awardee (s). The recipient of the fellowship is obliged to produce a monograph on the subject of research.

Dr. Narang, 71, gets the fellowship for his project "A Critical Study of Keterlaar's First Ever Grammar of Hindustani and Its Relevence to the Present Day Hindi and Urdu". Dr. Narang, a recipient of Padma Shri, is presently Vice-President of Sahitya Academy.  He has held several academic positions in various institutions.  During his fellowship.  Dr. Narang will take up for critical study Ketelaar's Grammar of Hindustani.  This is the only manuscript copy of the first ever written grammar of Hindustani language by Joan Josua Ketelaar.  It is preserved in the state archives at The Hague.  The grammar book was written in late 17th Century by Ketelaar when he was an envoy of the Dutch East India company in India.

Dr. Sathyanarayana, 73, is an internationally acclaimed musicologist and danceologist.  He belongs to the lineage of Saint-Composer Sri Tyagaraja.  He has a doctorate and two D. Litts in musicology and danceology.  He has received numerous citations, awards and titles.  He has also authored several books on music and translated important titles on the subject.  During the IGMF, Dr Sathyanarayana will work on an `Investigation Into Creativity in Indian Music.'  The objective of the study is to conduct a systematic inquiry into the nature and function of the creative process in Indian music, develop a working model based both on speculative and experimental investigation and devise practical applications.

Dr. Sunita Jain, 62, will work on `Indian Poet-Painters (1900-2000) - A Study'. Dr. Sunita Jain is currently teaching English in IIT Delhi. Dr. Jain has received several honours throughout her carrier.

A prolific writer, Dr. Jain has published poems both in English and Hindi, novels, short story collections, translations and criticism.  She has edited several books.  Her fellowship study will focus mainly on Rabinder Nath Tagore, Mahadevi Varms, Shamsher and Jagdish Gupt.

Dr. L.M. Singhvi, President, IGNCA Trust was the Chairman of the sub-committee that decided the fellowship this year.  The members of the committee were: Shri. M.V. Kamath, Prof. P.V. Krishna Bhat, Prof. Yash Pal, Ms. Sonal Mansingh and Prof. N.R. Shetty, Member Secretary, IGNCA.


Recipients of IGMF Awards in the previous years:

Prof. D.D. Sharma and Prof. S.N. Goswami (2000)

Dr. K.S. Behera and Dr. Nalini M. Thakur (1999),

Dr. Padma M. Sarangapani and Bambang Sunarto from Indonesia (1998),

Prof. K. Ayyappa Panikkar and Ustad Fahimuddin Dagar (1997),

Dr. Dilip Purushotham Chaitre (1996).


IGNCA Scholars in Foreign Universities for Lectures

Two of IGNCA scholars went abroad to give lectures, at the invitation of foreign institutions.  Dr. Molly Kaushal was invited by the South Asia Institute of Heidelberg University to deliver a series of talks at the Department of Indology and the Department of Ethnology.  Dr. Radha Banerjee delivered lectures at the Inner Asian and Atlantic Studies, Harvard University and the Caucasus and Central Asian Studies, University of Berkeley, California in the US.


Dr. Molly Kaushal is trained folkloristics and has conducted extensive field study on the Gaddi communities Himachal Pradesh.  She has published several research papers and participated in international seminars.  Dr. Kaushal's lecture at the SAI in Heidelburg University were on: 1. Reconstructed Histories and Fluid Identities: The Gaddis and their socio-cultural landscape, 2. Negotiating Spaces: Gender and Empowerment in the Gaddi Society, 3. Symbolism of Marked Spaces and Protection Rituals and 4. Metaphysics and Cosmology of Space.



Dr. Radha Banerjee's academic forte is the Buddhist studies.  Her two lectures in the US were on Manichaen and Buddhist Monuments of Xingjiang and Central Asian and Chinese Buddhist Art.  University of California has associated Dr. Radha Banerjee in its prestigious project "Electronic Cultural Atlas Initiatives." The main purpose of the project is to do cultural mapping on cross-cultural civilizations.  Dr. Banerjee has been assigned the task of setting up a team that would work on East Asia.

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