Seminar on Museum Security

Venue: Conference Hall, IGNCA, CV Mess, Janpath New Delhi- 110001

Two-day Seminar on Museum Security

DATE:  21 - 22 February, 2013

Silver Jubilee Celebration

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Security is a major problem faced by all cultural heritage institutions all over India. Buildings and collections need to be protected from theft and intrusion, from decay, damage, fire and other disasters and the safety of visitors and staff ensured. The proposed seminar is an attempt to make a comprehensive coverage of all issues and the end result will lead to the preparation of a practical guide to museum security and protection. The seminar aims to cover all cultural institutions, whatever their size and available resources, from the largest national museum to the smallest local museum or archaeological site.

Individuals, institutions, and nations have collected cultural and natural heritage for thousands of years. Some of us know this heritage as libraries, archives, galleries, museums, and private collections. Others recognize the heritage as historical monuments, zoological and botanical gardens, historic houses and public buildings. They are our historical and cultural identity.

The protection of Cultural Property is the mandate of every cultural institution. Every cultural property requires a good protection plan. Security and protection add physical order and stability to the operation of an organization. They preserve valuables in a basic physical manner. The public requires its cultural heritage to be well protected. The physical protection of cultural property is one of the primary objectives of every cultural institution.

Museum security is at risk due to several reasons. Some of them are listed below:

  1. Theft

  2. Vandalism

  3. Terrorist Attack

  4. Accidents

  5. Mishandling of objects

  6. Lack of motivation of the professionals

  7. Lack of training of professionals

  8. Faulty conservation

  9. Problems in building like seepage, leakage etc

  10. Absence of object movement register

  11. Absence of a detailed manual describing norms and policies and the job responsibilities of the individuals.

Today no museum in India can claim to be free from any of the above mentioned risks. Every year the art heritage is disappearing due to one or several reasons. There is an urgent need to take up this matter which is a problem of each and every cultural institution. The seminar can be a platform to discuss the problems of the museums/cultural institutions of India and try to find the possible solution or the road map of tackling the security and protection problem.

Duration of seminar: Two day

Date: 21-22 February 2013, (Thursday- Friday)

Venue: Conference Hall, IGNCA

Potential Participants:

Curators, Conservators, Heritage Managers, Directors, Security personnels of museum and cultural institutions.


Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts, New Delhi  (PDF)
National Museum Institute, New Delhi
Crafts Museum, New Delhi



Achal Pandya
Head of department
Cultural Archives & Conservation
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