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Media Centre of IGNCA started its journey from a small video unit. Over a period two decades Media centre has grown dynamically and technologically fortified itself with state of the art digital equipments. It has a small studio with Multi-Camera System alongwith on line editing facilities.

Media Centre has three Non-Linear Edit suits and several digital and Betacam camera. It is well supported by a small technical store. Media Centre has a film auditorium with latest Back Projection system and has 70 seating capacity.

Media Centre has a Media Library with three listening and viewing counters. It has more than 8000 hours of audio and visual footage. Media Centre is upgrading and digitizing all its footages.

View Inauguration of Exhibition: 25 years of Audiovisual Journey : Recalling through Equipment and Documentation by Shri Kulbhushan Kharbanda eminent actor and Trustee, IGNCA


Film Shows

List of digitized material available in Media Centre in DVD format

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Published DVDs


Detail of Video Clips played during the Exhibition of Audio Visual Archives

Major Endeavour of Media Centre

Audio-Visual Facilitation of all the inhouse activities like Lecture, Seminars and major events of IGNCA.

Audio-Visual Documentation forms a major part of its activities. Media Centre undertakes detail documentation of all the Research programmes of IGNCA and does inhouse Editing and creates documentaries for Research and dissemination purposes.

UNESCO Recognition: Media Centre has bagged UNESCO recognition on the score of World's Intangible Heritage three times.

Outreach and Dissemination is a major part of activities.

Media Centre has created inhouse some 200 hours of programme software which were transmitted through DD Bharti.

Media Centre publishes DVDs for global outreach on various themes and subjects.

Film Festivals is also organized by Media Centre on themes of IGNCA's Research Endeavours

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