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1996 xxi+290pp. ISBN: 81-246-0054-6, Rs 600(HB)


  1. Interface of Science Consciousness and Identity (S.C. Malik)
  2. Humanization of Development: A Theravada Buddhist Perspective (P.D. Premasiri)
  3. Universal and Unique in Cross-cultural Interaction: A Paradigm Shift in Development Ideology (Lachman M. Khubchandani)
  4. Universality, Uniformity and Specificity: a View from a Developing Country (Anisuzzaman)
  5. Identity, Tribesman and Development (Mrinal Miri)
  6. Cultural Identity and Development in the Torres Strait Islands (Leah Lui)
  7. Identity, Ownership and Appropriation: Aspects of Aboriginal Australian Experience in Tertiary Education (Olga Gostin)
  8. Crisis of Cultural Identity in Mongolian Nomadic Civilization (Otgonbayar)
  9. Quest for Cultural Identity in Turkey: National Unity of Historical Diversities and Continuities (Bozkurt Guven)
  10. Popular Culture and Arabesque Music in Turkey (Meral Özbek)
  11. Cultural Pluralism and National Cultural Identity: The Case of Nepal (Dilli R. Dahal)
  12. National Identity and Development in the Plural Society of Indonesia (S. Budhisantoso)
  13. Cultural Pluralism, National Identity and Development: The Indian Case (A.R. Momin)
  14. Secular Sovereign and Artha (Parthasarathi Banerjee)
  15. Technology, Man and Spirituality: Sanctifying Technology Through Sacrifice (Mohammed Reza Rikhtegaran)
  16. Culture and Technology: The Cultural Aspect of Technology (Fatemeh Farahani)
  17. Civilizations and Settlement Societies: Cultural Development and Identity at the end of Twentieth Century (Ravindra K. Jain)
  18. Cultural Preconditions for Development: Tradition and Modernity Reconsidered in the Light of Post-modernism (Dawa Norbu)
  19. Cultural Identity and Development Process in Thailand (Wit Wisadavet)
  20. Freedom to Grow and Growing into One (Baidyanath Saraswati)
  21. Taming Structural Transformation: The Significance of Community Resolve of Mavalibhata (B.D. Sharma)
  22. Development Activism: The Importance of Being Voluntary (Bunker Roy)

It is the inaugural volume of the Culture and Development series, comprising 23 presentations of a Unesco-sponsored meeting of experts: 19-23 April 1993 at IGNCA, New Delhi. Highlightng the basic distinctions that exist between anthropocentric and cosmocentric approaches to the question of cultural identity and development, the authors reflect on what constitutes culture and development not per se, but as an integral holistic notion of culture and lifestyle, culture and development, culture and region, culture and linguistic/ecological identities, and how some of the viable alternative development paradigms could be evolved from the convergence of mystical ancient insights and modern science.

Authored by eminent anthropologists, scientists and other area-specialists from Australia, Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Iran, Mongolia, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Turkey, the papers here not only consider diverse theoretical issues of cultural identity and development, but also set out case studies in different field situations.


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