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 Volume III



1996, xxx:vii+446pp., line drawings, bibl., index, ISBN-81-208-1402-9 (vol. III), Rs. 450 (HB).

Book Review

This volume is dedicated to the cosmic elements and related concepts. Elements are conceived as the building blocks of the universe and of the human body. Whether physically or symbolically they constitute primary and indispensable categories of reality ( tattva). This volume contains the terms: prakṛti, bhūta-mahābhūta, ākāśa, vāyu, jyotiṣ, Prakāśa, āpaḥ, pṛthivī, bhūmi



The Contributors are: K. A. Jacobsen, P. S. Filliozat, S. C. Chakrabarti, S. Chattopadhyay, L M Singh, Frits Stall, S. Gupta Gombrich, Prem Lata Sharma and Bettina Baumer.

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