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Edited by Molly Kaushal, Alok Bhalla & Ramakar Pant

2015, xxxviii+348, col. Ilus.124, ISBN : 978-81-7305-471-6, Rs.1400(HB).


The papers here range from textual to oral, performance and pictorial renderings of Rama theme both in traditional and contemporary contexts, covering a large geographic area and diverse communities. For example, Bhil Ram Sitama ni Varta, Kunkana Ramkatha, Gond Ramayani, Rama traditions among the Ramnamis of Chhattisgrah, Ramman of Garhwal, Bundeli Ramkatha, Mewati Ramkatha and Ramkatha traditions among the Khasis, to name a few. The volume also contains essays on traditional and modern presentations of Rama theme in Southwest Asia.

The volume is broadly organised under four themes : sacred geography; narrative; performances; and pictorial traditions. However, several of them overlap and flow into one another. The book is further divided into two sections : the first contains papers in English and the second in Hindi.

This book is a significant addition to the existing literature on Ramayana and Ramkatha traditions and of great value to scholars of Indian culture, folklorists, anthropologists and Indologists.



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