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Ananda K Coomaraswamy

Edited by Michael W.Meister

1995, xxviii+151 pp.  plates: line drawings, indexes, ISBN: 019-563094-7: Rs 400 (HB)

Three of Coomaraswamy's essays which were published in a journal Eastern Art, published by the Fledgling College Art Association and the fourth essay on "Huts and Related Temple Types" survived only in manuscripts have made access to Coomaraswamy's accomplishments in the area difficult for most students and scholars. This volume for the first time brings together four major essays along with Coomaraswamy's analysis of "Indian Architectural Terms". An introductory essay by Michael W. Meister on "The Language and Process of Early Indian Architecture" connects Coomaraswamy's foundational essays with more recent scholarship on the origination of India's vast tradition of temple achitecture. An afterword, with Joseph Rykwert, on "Adam's House and Hermits' Huts", presents a conversation with a major Western architectural historian concerning Coomaraswamy and the profound utility and significance of his work.


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