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1990, x+213pp., col.& B&W illus. index, ISBN: 090-38803-53, Rs 300 (HB)

This is the first book in English to deal with the spiritual significance of Islamic art including not only the plastic arts but also literature and music. Relying upon his extensive knowledge of the Islamic religion in both its exoteric and esoteric dimensions as well as the various Islamic sciences, the author relates Islamic revelation and the spirituality which have issued from it. The author brings out the spiritual significance of the Islamic arts ranging from architecture to music as seen, heard and experienced by one living within the universe of the Islamic tradition.

Through his treatment the forms of lslamic art become transparent and reveal their proper significance. This book, however, addresses itself to all those who are attracted to the study of art in its relation to spirituality as well as to those who seek to understand more fully the Islamic religion and the civilization it brought into being.


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