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Translated from German by C. D. PALIWAL and R. P. JAIN

1988, xxx+296pp., b&w plates, notes, bibl., index ISBN: 81-7017-251-9, Rs 600(HB)

The work, first published in 1925 in the series Der indische Kulturkreis in Einzeldarstellungen (in German), has been considered a classic, but has not been easily accessible to the English reading public. The publication of the English translation opens up many new vistas of exploration. The author's concern was not restricted to the archaeological features of this group of temples but went much further into the interpretation and identification of the historical processes of acculturization, diffusion and autochthonous tendencies. Much has been written on the subject during the past few decades; however, Stutterheim's argument remains fresh. Perhaps scholars will want tore-explore the sources of the Gujarati version of the Rāmāyaṇa also the Panji stories of Java.

The monograph also stimulates discussion on a most contemporary concern, i.e. the relationship of the text and the images: the adherence, the interpretations and the deviations.



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