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(KMS No 33-34)

Edited and Translated by: G. H. TARLEKAR

2001, 2 vols., xxxii+415pp., appen. bibl., indexes, ISBN: 81-208-1792-3(set), Rs.1550 (HB).

The Puṣpa-Sūtra is one of the major ancillary works in the Sāman technical literature attributed to the Kauthuma and Rāṇāyaṇīya schools. It deals with the Sāman melodies and their structure. The term pa, in the present context, means t syllabic expansion that takes place when a melody is formed out of a verse. The Puṣpa-Sūtra was written long after the Sāman melodies had been developed.

It is difficult to fix the exact date of the Puṣpa-Sūtra. There were additions to the original nucleus, like the vikalpas (alternatives), remaining bhāvas, the detailed treatment of prastāva and the first two prapāṭhakas. Its present form of having ten prapāṭhakas is a great help to the scholars working in the field of the study of Sāmavedic chants. The explanation of the technical terms provided in this edition could also be of great help to the readers.

The present edition prepared by G.H. Tarlekar who was a living authority on the science of Sāman-chanting, contains the accurate text in Sanskrit with English exposition bringing out all the intricate points discussed in the Sūtras in a highly technical language. This important text on the Sāman-chanting has been exposited in English in this edition for the first time.

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