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 (A treatise of music with special reference to the instrument of Vīṇā)

(KMS No 24-25)

Edited and Translated by: R. SATHYANARAYANA 

2006, xxv+472 pp. (Vol. I), xxviii + 666(Vol. II), notes, bibl., indexes, ISBN : 81-208-1849-0(Vol. I),
81-208-1850-4 (Vol. II), 81-208-1851-2(set), Rs. 3000(set)

The Caturdaṇḍīprakāśikā (c. CE 1650) of Venkatamakhin is a fundamental treatise of Karnataka music and marks the rearguard in the renaissance of Indian music. It has launched a crucial, conceptual revolution which has metamorphosed this musical system into an enduring and attractive paddhati. It has been profoundly influencing every musician, musicologist and composer of south India ever since it was written. This influence will remain undimmed in the foreseeable future.

The Caturdaṇḍīprakāśikā is written in ten chapters: Sruti, Svara, Mela, Rāga, Ālāpa, Ṭhāya, Gīta, Prabandha and Tāla. It is being issued in two volumes: The first volume consists of the critically edited text, English translation, text-critical comments, critical and explanatory notes, several indices and a
detailed critical introduction. The second volume contains a critical study of rare commentary of this text called Makhihṛdaya.

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