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A Fourteenth century Text on Music from Western India
(KMS No. 23)


 Edited and Translated by ALLYN MINER

1998, lxvii+263pp., bibl. indexes, ISBN: 81-208-1548-3,:Rs 400 (HB) 

The Sudhākalaśa Saṅgītaratnākara is an important medieval text written in 1350 CE. It is attributed to a Jaina scholar, Vācanācārya Śrī Sudhākalaśa and represents a distinctive western Indian and Jaina stream of musicology. Composed about 100 years subsequent to the great compendium, the Saṅgītaratnākara, there is significant difference in its approach and treatment of the subject. This text stands in an intermediary position between the Saṅgītaratnākara and the later medieval works such as the Nartananirṇaya. While epitomizing the Indian phenomenon of an adherence to certain key fundamentals, it unfolds and reveals many processes of interaction and focuses attention on particular aspects of form and technique. It is also an important text for the change it reflects in understanding the Rāgas and Rāginīs assigning gender and visualizing an iconography.


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