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(KMS No. 21)


 Edited, annotated and Translated by SHAHAB SARMADEE 

1996 lxviii+314pp., b & w plates, notes, appen., index,  ISBN : 81-208-1282-4, Rs 500 (HB)

Book Excerpt - article published in Newsletter

This is the first Persian text brought out in the Kalāmūlaśāstra Series. The volume presents a combined text on music in Persian that was compiled during the seventeenth century CE. The fact of its being a combined text has gone unnoticed till recently. This work is important from various points of view. It was through the first part of this text i.e. up to chapter two that an important compilation on the identification of Rāgas accomplished under the supervision of Rājā Mansingh Tomar of Gwalior entitled Mānakutūhala is preserved for posterity in Persian translation, which was till now considered lost in original. The appended treatise incorporates further details on the development of contemporary music. It is

undoubtedly one of the few important texts which sheds significant light on the music of the Mughal period. Also, a unique feature of this work is that it covers the period during which the internal and the external forces worked together resulting in a new synthesis. In this configuration, music played a significant role to integrate diverse views.



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