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(KMS No 4-7)

Compiled, edited and translated by BISHNUPADA PANDA 

1991, 4 vols., ci+1181 pp., maps, illus., gloss.,  ISBN: 81-208-0958-0 (set), Rs 1200 (HB)

The Pālās were composed by Kavi Karṇa in Bengali in the late seventeenth century CE in honour of God Satyanārāyaṇa. Recitation of Kavi Karṇa’s Śolo Pālā or sixteen musical compositions glorifying Lord Satyanārāyaṇa who is identified with Satyapīra, is widely prevalent in contemporary Orissa. The Satayanārāyaṇa vrata kathās, found in all the Indian languages, along with the Pālās of Kavi Karṇa, have their origin in the "Revā Khaṇḍa" of Skanda purāṇa. The name Satyapīra is found in no other vrata kathā except in the Pālās of Kavi Karṇa. In the introduction of a Muslim Fakīr in all his Pālās and distribution of Śirini as Prasāda, Kavi Karṇa makes a commendable attempt at cultural synthesis on a religious and ritual planes - a valuable contribution to national integration.




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