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The Kalāsamālocana programme relates to publications on interpretation and analysis of secondary material.  These are considered to be classics of art criticism.  The series is made up of volumes of critical texts and editions of works of eminent scholars who have dwelt upon the fundamental concepts, identified perennial sources and created bridges of communication by juxtaposing diverse traditions. Their work is of contemporary relevance and validity as they are engaged in search for roots and for a comprehensive perception.  These significant works of scholarship are often unaccessible as they are either out of print or do not have translations in English.

In the Kalāsamālocana series, the Centre has attempted to bring to light these invaluable contributions through modestly-priced publications.  The programme has been initiated by a series of re-edited reprints and translations of a select nubmer of authors and works.

Another emphasis in the Kalāsamālocana programme is on the publishing of Selected Letters of illustrious scholars who have made a pioneering contribution to different fields of study.  While their works reflect their scholarship, their personal notings help in determining the thought-process behind it.  They reveal the inner being of the scholars, their influences, their theories and ideologies.  The letters published so far are those of Ananda K. Coomaraswamy, Romain Rolland and Hazari Prasad Dwivedi (in Hindi). About 55 volumes under this series have been published.

Ananda Kentish Coomaraswamy (1877-1947) Series is amongst the writers who have been path-finders in perception and scholarship across cultures. His illuminating writings have brought the East and West together in a meaningful dialogue. His penetrating attention to the mind and soul of India's civilization provided a model for generations of Asian and Western scholars. His contribution to the study of Indian art and culture is invaluable. His books, covering a wide range of topics and disciplines, reflect his unique scholarship. The series presents complete works of this illustrious scholar in thematically arranged and re-edited volumes. Out of a corpus of nearly 35 books, 17 have been published by the Centre.

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