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Paddy Growing Cultures: Paddy Growing Cultures project was initiated in 2011. The main objective of the project is to study Paddy as a produce and as a cultural resource. It is an ongoing research project with the following components:

  • Paddy and resource management

  • Paddy and annual network of social relations

  • Paddy and calendars (agrarian, ritual, festivals etc.)

  • Paddy : rituals, deities and food

  • Paddy and aesthetic expression: oral, aural, visual and kinetic.

  • History, politics and economics of paddy cultivation

10 projects on different aspects of paddy culture have already been completed in collaboration with universities across the country. They are as follows-

Southern Region

  • A Key Determinant of Land Revenue Assessment and Inland Water Resource Management in Madras Presidency (1902 to 1956)
  • Documentation, Transliteration and Translation of Oral Narratives of Kerala on paddy
  • Reconstructing Pragmatic and Semiotic Depictions of Paddy in Sangam Literature
  • Documentation of Material Culture with Special Reference to Traditional Lift Irrigation Technology, Tools and Implements Associated with Paddy Growing Cultures of Tamil Nadu
  • Ethno-Cultural and Ecological Examination of the Rise and Fall in Rice Bio-diversity in Southern India with Special Reference to the Western Ghats
  • Paddy Growing Culture in Tulunad Region of Karnataka; An Anthropological Study with Special Focus on Rituals Associated with Paddy and Paddy Cultivation

Eastern Region

  • Culture of Paddy among Munda, Santhal, Oraon and Sadans in Jharkhand: Cultural Anthropology Dimensions
  • Traditional Wisdom and Agronomical Practices of Paddy/Rice Culture of Munda, Santhal, Oraon and Sadans of Jharkhand

North Eastern Region

  • Paddy Growing Tradition in a Multi Community Area of Assam
  • Rice and Aba’ Cha: Practices and Stories from Garo Hills





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