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Two projects on folk and tribal traditions of Ramkatha (project initiated in 2007) and the living traditions of Mahabharata (project initiated in 2010) were initiated respectively. The Division has organised some major events under these two, which include:

  • International Symposia
  • Literary Readings
  • Publications/ Catalogues
  • Acquisitions
  • Audio-visual Documentation/Ethnographic Films
  • Performances
  • Ritual Demonstrations
  • Exhibition and Film Shows
  • Story Telling Workshops and Artists Workshops
  • Documentation of about 20 forms of Ramkatha traditions of folk and tribal societies has been done including Bhil Ramkatha, Gond Ramayani, Gaddi Rameen, and Lanka Chadai of Mewat by Muslim Jogis, Garhwali Ramman, Kumaoni Ramlila and many more. Besides, More than 100 hours of audio visual documentation have been completed of Mahabharata which includes Draupadi Amman cult, Aravan worship, Duryodhan worship in Kerala, Pandav Lila and Pando Nritya of Garhwal, Thoda ritual of Himachal Pradesh among several other traditions. Presently, field studies and audio-visual documentation in different states of the country is going on, apart from publication of texts and research projects.




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