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099 -   Vessabhu Buddha    

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Vessabhu Buddha on the panel Cave 17, Ajanta 


Vessabhu in the Pali tradition is reckoned as the twenty-first Buddha. He was born in Anoma. The name of his father was Supattita and of the mother Yasavati. He was called so because when born he shouted like a bull. The name of his wife was Suchitta; and of the son was Suppabuddha.

He lived as a house-holder for six thousand years and lived in three palaces, namely, Ruchi, Suruchi and Vaddhana. He renounced home on a golden palaquin; and practised austerities for only six months. Just before his Enlightenment he accepted the milk-rice from Sirivaddhana. Naga king Narinda had prepared his seat. The tree under which he attained Enlightenment was the Sal. He delivered his first sermon to his brothers Sona and Uttara, who became his chief disciples. His chief attendant was Upasanta (also called Upasannaka). Sotthika and Rama among men and Gotami and Sirima among the women were his chief patrons.  

He died in Khemarama at the age of sixty thousand.

The Bodhisatta lived as king of Sarabhavati and had the name Sudassana during the time of Vessabhu Buddha.  


Note: He is called Vishvabhu in the Divyavadana 333.


See Buddhavamsa xxii.1 ff; Buddhavamsa Atthakatha 205 ff. Digha Nikaya ii.5.

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