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097 -  Vipassi Buddha     

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Vipassi Buddha on the panel Cave 17, Ajanta 

In the Pali tradition Vipassi Buddha is identified as the nineteenth of the twenty-four Buddhas. Born of the father Bandhuma and mother Bandhumati in the Khema Park at a place called Bandhumati he belonged to the Kondanna clan (gotta). He was married to Sutana and had a son Samavattakkhandha.

 He renounced the worldly life on chariot; and practised austerities for eight months. Then he sat on the foot of the patali tree; and just before his Enlightenment he accepted the milk-rice from Daughter-of-Sudassana-Setthi; and sat on the seat prepared for him by Sujat. He delivered his first sermon at Khemamigadaya to his step-brother Khandha and his priest’s son – Tissa. His chief attendant was Asoka. Chanda and Chandamitta were his chief women disciples. Punabbasummitta and Naga were his principal male patrons; and Sirima and Uttara were the chief women patrons. He died at the age of eighty thousand.

During the Age of Vipassi Buddha the present Bodhisatta lived as a Naga king with the name Atula; and had the privilege of having offered a golden seat embossed with jewels to Vipassi Buddha.


See Buddhavamsa Atthakatha; Digha Nikaya ii.2ff; Dhammapada Atthakatha iii.236.


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