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One of the principal objectives of the Diaspora programme is to set up a Diaspora Ethnographic Museum which reflects history of migration, artistic nuances of migrants at the time of their departure in India, the artistic and cultural traditions the migrants carried with them, the changes in their ideas and traditions, values, beliefs and customs in the new lands, emergence of a composite Indian culture, conflict and cooperation with the host society. 

We welcome collaboration from individuals and institutions for research, acquisition, archiving and developing collections and other interactive programs based on these collections. For the colonial period, objects of ethnographic, anthropological and archeological importance and photographs, books, colonial records, manuscripts, films, CDs, DVDs, posters, flyers, notices, pamphlets, newspapers, magazines, journals, micro films, ship records, estate registers, marriage, birth and death registers, land records, money order receipts, letters, government orders, community newsletters, creative art works, souvenirs or any other material directly or indirectly related to Diaspora, would form our Ethnographic Museum . 

Any material in the form of paintings, frescos, research studies, books, journals, magazines etc., belonging to pre colonial period would be collected and archived in the Museum in a separate section. Internet resources, pertaining to both the sections would also be archived and shared with the public as part of the Museum and Library activities. A separate corner at the IGNCA’s library would be available for accessing these materials for public. 

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