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S.No How to purchase IGNCA publications?

The buyer can select the IGNCA publications (books / DVDs / Multimedia CDs/DVDs etc.) from the above mentioned series (lists) and details of the publications with the payment (as per the details given in the payment mode) receipt / DD can be sent to Shri A K Sinha on the address mentioned below.

Shri A K Sinha
Publication Officer
Sutradhara Division,
Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts,
1 C. V. Mess, Janpath, New Delhi – 110 001, INDIA
Telephone: 91-11-2338 6825 E-mail: igncapub@gmail.com


Payment mode: Customer can make the payment by Demand Draft in favour of IGNCA, payable at New Delhi or through Bank Transfer. Electronic transfer of money may be sent as per the details below:

Canara Bank
Govt. Business Branch, ASI Building,
Janpath, New Derlhi-110001
SB A/c No. 0143101008365
IFSC Code- CNRB0003525 (For Indian Buyers)

IGNCA Publications are available at `Svasti’ - the IGNCA shop run by HHEC at

C.V. Mess,
New Delhi- 110001
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कला और सौंदर्य

  • ks_062

    इलस्ट्रेटेड डिक्शनरी ऑफ वैदिक रिचुअल्स

    ISBN : 81-7305-309-X
    Edited By :H. C. RANADE

    (2006, XXXvi+348pp., Bibl., B/w Illus. 209)

    The present lexicon explains the meaning and significance of ritualistic terms frequently occurring in the Śrauta-Sūtras, together with a short description of the sacrificial rites connected or meant therewith. It is an outcome of the engagement of the author with Śrauta ritual for a very long time. He has not only a first-hand knowledge of the texts but also a practical acquaintance with the subject acquired through participating in such sacrifices…..Read More

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  • Placeholder


    ISBN : 13 : 978-81-246-0889-0
    Edited By :SARA KUEHN , Distributor: DÊ. KÊ. Printworld (P) LtdÊ., New Delhi-15.

    (2017, pp.123)
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  • hazari_prasad_dwivediji


    ISBN : 81-7178-346-5
    Edited By :मुकुंद द्विवेदी

    पंडित बनारसीदास चतुर्वेदी को लिखे गए आचार्य द्विवेदी के ये पत्र अपने समय के जीवंत दस्तावेज़ हैं, जो न केवल साहित्य के सामान्य पाठकों के लिए रुचिकर होंगे, बल्कि शोधार्थियों और द्विवेदीजी की जीवनी पर काम करनेवालों को भी अपने काम की प्रभूत इन पत्रों में मिलेगी।…Read More

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    Volume eBook
    I e-Book


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  • ks_066

    कल्चर्ल हिस्ट्री ऑफ उत्तराखंड

    ISBN : 81-246-0434-7
    Edited By :D. D. Sharma

    (2009, xxxi+417pp. Index, bibl., folded Maps 1, 75 coloured, 7 blw photo.)

    Cultural history of Uttarakhand is an outcome of many years of keen observation of the linguistic and cultural phenomena of the whole Himalayan region, right from Ladakh in the west to Bhutan in the east and an intensive study of ancient Indian literature and of the historical incidents that have taken place in the central Himalayan regions, particularly in the land termed as Uttarakhand…Read More

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  • ks_065

    द लिंगराज टेंपल ऑफ भुवनेश्वरः आर्ट एंड कल्चर लेगसी

    ISBN : 978-81-7305-340-5
    Edited By :K. S. BEHARA

    (2008 xiv=190pp., 4 col. b/w, index, bibl., Figs. & Maps 18)

    Built in the eleventh century, the temple of Liṅgarāja in Bhubaneswar is acclaimed as one of the finest temples of India. With its construction the Orissan temple style reached its mature phase and set the model for later temples to follow…Read More

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  • ks_064

    शारदा एंड तकारी एल्फाबेट्सः ऑरीजिन एंड एल्फाबेट्स

    ISBN : 81-246-0412-6
    Edited By :Bhushan Kumar Kaul Deambi

    (2008 xxiii+173pp.)

    Among the Indian scripts the Śāradā script has a pride of place. Though an alphabet of Kashmir par excellence it remained for several centuries a popular script of an extensive area of north-western India including Afghanistan, Gandhāra or north-western Pakistan, the Darad territories of Gilgit, Chilas and Chitral, Ladakh, Jammu, Himachal Pradesh and Delhi…Read More

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  • ks_063

    न्यूमिसमैटिक आर्ट ऑफ इंडिया हिस्टोरीकल एंड एस्थेटिक पर्सपैक्टिव्स

    ISBN : 81-215-1187-9
    Edited By :B. N. Mukherjee

    (2007, (Vol. I) xi+263pp., intro., plates)

    Volume I: This volume deals with the numismatic art of India up to c. CE 1835. The modern age in Indian coinage commenced in about this year.

    This volume contains a comprehensive history of art in Indian coins during the early and medieval periods. It embodies the first ever attempt in this direction…List of Abbreviations, Select Bibliography andRead More

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  • ks_061

    मुगल एंड परसियन पेंटिग्स एंड इल्सट्रेटेड मैन्यूस्क्रिप्ट इन द रजा लायब्रेरी, रामपुर

    ISBN : 81-85503-07-9-0
    Edited By :Barbara Schmitz & Ziyad-Din A. Desai

    (2004, xiii+171pp.)

    During the nineteenth century and the first half of the twentieth century, the Nawwabs of Rampur, the hereditary rulers of Rohilkhaṇḍ, a district some 75 km, east of New Delhi, amassed a large collection of books and art, including illustrated books and album paintings. Their collection was given to the people of India after independence…Read More

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  • ks_060

    कन्वरसेशन विद पंडित अमरनाथ

    ISBN : 81-85503-07-9
    Edited By :Bindu Chawla

    (2004, xiii+171pp., Index)

    This work lays bare the inner wisdom of Hindustani music through the intimate reflections of Pandit Amarnath, who, voted as one of the four great genius musicians of the twentieth century, came to be widely acknowledged as a musicians’ musician, a legend of his times…Read More

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  • ks_059

    महात्मा गांधी एंड आर्ट

    ISBN : 81-85503-060-0
    Edited By :Y P Anand

    (2003, 68pp.)

    This monograph is based on a lecture delivered by Y.P. Anand, Director, National Gandhi Museum, Rajghat, New Delhi, on “Mahatma Gandhi and Art” in the Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts (IGNCA), New Delhi, on 21 December 2001…Read More

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