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An Exhibition of Photographs by Ashok Dilwali

16th Oct.1998 - 29th Oct.1998

Matighar, IGNCA



Photograph from Ashok Dilwali's Collection

Photography enriches our lives in many ways. Photographs capture many outside our range of vision. Such pictures, through the photographer's imagination or technical skill, as are exceptionally beautiful or express significant ideas have lasting value as works of art.

Recognition of photography as an art form as also the use of the photographic medium in the multi-dimensional activities of the Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts (IGNCA) has led it to develop a serious interest in the growth of photography. Since 1992, many important collections of photographs have been exhibited.


Adding to its series of photographic exhibitions, IGNCA presents a collection of photographers by Ashok Dilwali entitled 'Water, The Sustainer'.

Water is the most common substance on earth. It covers more than 70 percent of the earth's surface. It fills the oceans, rivers, and lakes and is in the ground and in the air we breathe. Water is everywhere.

Without water, there can be no life. Ever since the world began, water has been shaping the earth. Rain hammers at the land and washes soil into rivers. The oceans pound against the shores, chiselling cliffs. Rivers knife through rock and build up land where they empty into the sea. Glaciers plough valleys and cut down mountains.

As a nature photographer, water in all its manifestations has intrigued, charmed and challenged Ashok Dilwali for last two decades.

In all his forays in the Himalayas as well as other journeys, he has tried to capture Nature through his lens. In the process he has derived immense joy and satisfaction which he would like to share through these photographs. In each photograph water is present in some form or the other; be it tiny little drops on the delicate petals of a flower or frozen form in the shape of frost on a glass pane. Ashok Dilwali has tried to depict this wonder of nature in various forms like dewdrops, lakes, rivers, snow, waterfalls, frost, mountain springs, hailstorms, clouds and fog and mist.


Photograph from Ashok Dilwali's Collection

Photograph from Ashok Dilwali's Collection






Ashok Dilwali (b-1944, New Delhi) is an eminent photographer. He studied at Modern School, New Delhi and graduated in Commerce from Sri Ram College of Commerce, New Delhi. Further, he did his Chartered Accountancy from A.F.Fergusan and Co., Mumbai. Accounts did not interest him and the artist in him found expression in photography. He has to his credit some prestigious publications on Himalayas Andaman and Nicobar Islands and Garhwal. His pictures and articles have appeared in leading magazines and newspapers. Exhibitions of his photographs have been held at New Delhi, Calcutta and Mumbai. He uses Nikons 35mm. Hasseblads medium format, linholf 612 PC and Linholf 617 and Linholf 4x5.


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