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Elizabeth Brunner

Elizabeth Brunner

Fairy Tales around

My Beloved Elizabeth 


Stories out of the life of Elizabeth Brunner, 

Eminent Hungarian Painter


written down by Dagmar Barua


I would like to express my gratitude to many people who helped me compile these stories.

First of all, of course, Elizabeth, who patiently talked into my little microphone on so many occasions and diligently answered all my questions.

But it was lovely Mary Samuel who saw to it that our stomachs were filled when we forgot about time. And Inder Bahadur who lifts and carries Elizabeth, transports her from place to place, who carried the heavy paintings (for photos, for viewing, or for what ever purpose), and who does many other odd jobs. And my lovely Laurence Bastit. Professor Dr. Géza Bethlenfalvy, eminent Tibetan scholar and, at the moment, Director of the Hungarian Information and Cultural Centre in New Delhi, who helped proof-read the manuscript. Lutoria Sahib, Anamika Sharma, Dr. and Mrs. Péter Hajtó, Monica Bincsik and so many more of Elizabeth's friends to all of whom I am extremely grateful.




Elizabeth Brunner and how I met her                                              

16th March 1996                                                                                

5th May 1996                                                                                     

16th May 1996                                                                                    

19th May 1996                                             

Elizabeth and

9th June 1996                                                                                     

Elizabeth and

16th June 1996                                                                                   

Elizabeth and

8th July 1996                                                                                       

                Elizabeth and

27th July 1996                                                                                     

Elizabeth's talk

3rd August 1996                                                                                 

Elizabeth and

27th September 1996                                                                      

Elizabeth tell the stories

2nd October 1996                                                                      

Elizabeth talks about

16th February 1997                                                                      

Elizabeth tells stories

2nd June 1997                                                                                    

Elizabeth's visit to Hungary in 1988                                  

6th July 1997                                                                                       

Elizabeth's preface of the book 'Mystic India Through Art' reproduction of paintings by Mrs. Sass Brunner Elizabeth Farkas and Miss Elizabeth Brunner, Published at the end of their stay in Japan in 1937




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