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DVD Roms - Mudiyettu and Kalamezhuthum Pattum

Director: N. Radhakrishnan
Duration: 1 hr, 1 min

Mudiyettu is one of the richest ritualistic traditions of Kerala. Since the hoary past, people performed Mudiyettu as a celebration of winning over the evil with mythological story line. Ritualistically, sacred space is created by the ancient drawings of kālamṛtyam, an image of a deity, symbolizing creation itself. The songs, ritualistic performances, and the effacing of the drawings have been documented in this film. Elaborate creation of the kolams invokes the spirit of the deity and Mudiyettu is performed in this space tore­ enact the mythology in the "now". Chenda, maddalam, kuzhala and elathalam are some of the instruments which accompany the performance.


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