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DVD Roms - Goṭipuā

Director :Gulbahar Singh
Duration : 31 minutes 58 seconds
Produced by IGNCA

Indian tradition of dance remains a contextual expression of inter-wovenness of life style, festivity and sacred invocation. Cultural continuum and amalgamation remains the fulcrum of this tradition. Male goṭipuā dancers and devadāsī dancers, consecrated to God, have given shape to Odissi. Dance has moved from sacred temple space to public space. Today, goṭipuā survive in limited circles. The film highlights the physical and mental preparation of young dancers within a tight framework of training. It is a tribute to India’s great intangible heritage of goṭipuās and their contribution to the Indian performing arts tradition. 

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The cost of the DVD in India: Rs. 150/+ (actual Forwarding Charges)

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