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DVD Roms - Gopī Bhāṭ kā Tamāśā


Director: Gopal Saxena
Duration: 32 min

An inspiring story of one family keeping alive a tradition of folklore in Rajasthan, in spite of many odds. Gopī Bhāṭís Tamāśā is repertory, a blend of music, in classical style of singing and narration. The tremendous courage, determination and love for the traditional folk art displayed by the Bhāṭ family has saved it from being relegated to oblivion. Gopī Bhāṭ had to work as a Pujārī in a temple for sustaining himself. But he kept his performance going. The special feature of this folk art is the use of classical music, to communication with the common people. Śrī Bhāṭ has enthused his progeny with the love for this art and hopes that they will carry forward his work.

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