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DVD Roms - Great Master Series - Pandit Pran Nath

Director: Gopal Saksena
Duration: 1 hr, 30 sec

Dr Kapila Vatsyayan in dialogue with Pandit Pran Nath is a rare page on the Indian history on music and gharānā. Dr Vatsyayan elaborates many lesser known facets of Panditji's life from her nostalgic journey. The film portrays his rare singing talents, his concept of guru-śiṣya and his journey of life. Panditji talks about various gharānās and explains the Indian scenario also in comparison with the West where he performed most. The interview brings to pose the sensitivity of soul and music which is a missing element today.


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The cost of the DVD in India: Rs. 150/+ (actual Forwarding Charges) 

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