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The Illustrated Jataka & Other Stories of the Buddha
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Selected Content of Mukt®¿vara CD-ROM 

Cau·ad¡napura is a tiny village of Karnataka in south India, where all facets of Indian civilisation, encompassing religion, art and poetry are exemplified in an exquisite temple with the highest degree of refinement. This temple is a jewel of architecture of 11th-12th century, in the style now commonly called after the name of the legendary sculptor, Jakkanacarya. It was built during the heyday of the kingdom ruled by the Calukyas of Kalyana and the Sevunas of Devagiri. It is dedicated to an Udbhava-Linga "spontaneously born" Linga named Mukt®¿vara. A user-friendly interactive system will allow the user to browse the multi-dimensional architectural, sculptural and inscriptional programme of the temple.

Selected Content of Devnarayana CD-ROM

Devnarayana is the name of a folk deity worshipped by the pastoral communities of Gujjars in Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh. The main feature of the cult is the performance of individual episodes from a two-part, 45 to 50 hour long oral narrative which contains both sung and spoken section (gav and arthav). Devnarayan's epic is performed during all night vigils (Jagran), by pairs of male singers called Bhopas. The CD-ROM will focus on this oral narrative which is painted on large scrolls. The professional unfolds the story through singing and performance. The relationship between the pictorial image, the sung narrative performances and audience responses will be recreated.

Video Clips of Gita Govinda Project

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