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  • Book on Dunhuang Art - Through the eyes of Duan Wenjie -Dunhuang although internationally known is infrequently visited. The Mogao shrine at Dunhuang is a cluster of 492 caves, containing 45,000 square metres of frescoes and 2,415 stucco statues. This is a precious art heritage of the world. It has great historical and artistic value.... - View Photographs of Book

    • The Attractions of Dunhuang Art Treasure - Dunhuang is an extravaganza of Buddhist art with an unrivalled magnitude and historiography. It is a unique temple on Chinese soill propagating a religion of Indian origin.

  • An exhibition of Rare Thankas from Leh - View Digital Images

  • Buddhism and Education: The Thai Experience - Since the advent of Buddhism in Thailand nearly 1,000 years ago, monks have had crucial roles especially in the moral education of the public. The Thai mind, in general, is thus inculcated with compassion, friendliness, and love of peace....  by Pataraporn Sirikanchana

  • Buddhism as a Contribution to peace in Vietnam - In Vietnam since early times, peace has been largely conceived of as peace in one’s mind, peace towards one’s fellows, and peace with nature. Those aspects of peace are greatly influenced by Buddhism..... by Cao Xuan Pho

  • Buddhism and Peace: A Personal view - It gives me great pleasure to be able to address you as a simple Buddhist Mother, sharing some of my long years of experience. This, in fact, is the path shown to us by Lord Buddha..... by Sirima K. Goonesinghe

  • Cultural Synthesis in the Buddhist Art of China - World civilizations are replete with cultural syntheses. but Sino-Indian synthesis does not have many parallels. There were international highways through which culture travlled.... by Arputharani Sengupta

  • The Mahabhutas (MahËbhÍtas) : The Buddhist Approach - While considering the concept of mah¡bh£tas in the Buddhist context, normally attention is drawn to P¡li commentaries, but the present discussion is based not on the P¡li sources, but on Sanskrit sources and to be very precise, on a later work, the AbhidharmakoÀa of Vasubandhu.... by Pratibha Pingle

  • Concept of Bhuta (bhÍta) in Early Buddhist Philosophy - Early Buddhist Philosophy, generally understood as Abhidhamma philosophy, is a well-integrated system of thought which accepts the existence of thirtyone world-systems, situated in vacuum in an ascending order.... by MaheshTiwary                   

  • Scientific Philosophy : With Reference to Buddhist Thought - Early Buddhist philosophy is very close to scientific philosophy of modern times, and many a distinguished scientist has expressed great admiration for the clear exposition of the Buddha on the Nature of the Universe and the interaction between its various components..... by Raja Ramanna

  • Humanization of Development: A Theravada Buddhist Perspective - In accordance with an important logical distinction to which contemporary philosophers have drawn our attention it is reasonable to affirm that the term development is the one primary meaning which is evaluative rather than descriptive..... by P.D. Premasiri

  • Buddhist Art, The Mission of Harmonious Culture - The passage east and west of the Buddhist monks of antiquity caused the Silk Road to also become a thoroughfare of cultural interchange.... by Jin Weinuo

  • Buddhist Doctrine and the culture of peace  - Peace is the essential teaching of Buddhism. As the means of practice, peace cultivated in a person’s mind is a source of an act of peace and a moral deed. Only a peaceful mind can originate a peaceful act.... by Pataraporn Sirikanchana

  • Hinduism and Buddhism - is one of the last works of Coomaraswamy and among his most significant as was recognized by Rene Guenon who, in a review written in 1946 in Les Etudes traditionelles, referred to it an "ouvrage importante"...Book Reviewed by Seyyed Hossein Nasr

  • Buddhish Art in India - Indian art is an expression of Indian life and thought attuned to its vast natural background and its socio-religious traditions.  It is not exclusive or sectarian in the narrow sense of the term.  Its style, technique or general tenor has nothing to do with any particular religious outlook.... by Radha Banerjee


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