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Know about Brhadisvara Temple (BT)

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In the course of history, certain regions have developed into cultural centres attracting people from all parts of India. The study of dynamics of such centres has been the concern of IGNCA. The area of Tanjavur with the Brhadisvara temple as a focus in the south and the region of Vraja in the north, have been identified for study. A group of scholars from different disciplines has been investigating all aspect of these centres from city planning, architecture and sculpture, painting and literature to socio-economic structures. Alongside, a group of scholars have examined their living traditions from ritual practices within the temple to a variety of art and craft traditions which are still prevalent. 

The Brhadisvara temple is acclaimed as the finest achievement of Chola art, built by Raja Raja I in 1010 A.D. Its artistic excellence lies in the perfect balance of the parts and the whole, its architecture, sculptures, paintings, bronze images, the idols and reliefs. This project aims at a hypermedia presentation of an integrated view of this temple in its multidimensional aspects of the architectural and iconographic scheme as also the living traditions of ritual and performances.

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