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Seminar on

Aqeedat Ke Rang: Expression of Devotions in Islam



Hind Islami Tahzeeb Ke Rang-Aqeedat Ke Sang 

Seminar/ Public Lecture/ Exhibition/ Performances

This is part of the Janapada Sampada Division and falls under the 11th Five Year Plan Scheme: Religious Identities and Confluence of Tradition. An eight day event comprising a national seminar, public lectures by Eminent Islamic Scholars, exhibitions and cultural performances were organized from 1st- 8th April, 2008. The event was organized in order to project the hitherto unknown perfomative traditions associated with different colors of devotion of Islam. These traditions find reflection in poetry, modes of recitation, music, calligraphy, architecture, story telling, ballads, Sufi traditions and indigenous traditions of worship and devotion. The objective was to highlight the Indian rootedness of these traditions with specific reference to local and regional culture.

National Seminar
A four day seminar from 1st-4th April, 2008 was inaugurated by Prof Shahid Mahdi, an eminent scholar and former Vice Chancellor of Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi. Inaugural session of the seminar was followed by the Qawwali by Niyazi Brothers. This seminar deliberated on the following themes Sacred Spaces, Sacred Poetry, Sacred Music, Literary Forms, Regional Variations and Folk Forms. Eminent scholars including Prof. Aktharul Wasay, Prof. Ishaqe Khan, Prof. Liyaqat Moini, Prof. S.A.R Bilgarami, S.J.R Bilgarami Prof. Madan Gopal Singh and Prof. Mumtaz Currim were among many others who participated in the seminar. Some of the important Chairpersons included Mr. Aziz Barni, Dr. Ali Javed, and Prof. Sughra Mehdi.

Public Lectures
A series of four Public lectures were organized to bring out the confluence of tradition. The lectures were delivered by the most eminent personalities of the field namely, Mr. Saeed Naqvi, Ms. Syeda Saiyidain Hameed, Prof, Gopi Chand Narang, and Prof. Asghar Ali Engineer. The lectures delivered were on the following topics Urdu Ghazal: Sufi Heritage and the Indian Minds, Hindustan Ki Mushtaraka Tahzeeb, Secular Ethos as Reflected in Urdu Poetry, Hind-Islami Tahzeeb Ka Aghaz Irtiqa aur Khatoon Ka Kirdar.

The following exhibitions were organized during the event:

  • Hind Islami Tahzeeb ke Rang – reflecting the life style of Indian Muslims, 

  • Calligraphic paintings by Raza Zaidi 

  • Exhibition on religious Posters by Yousuf Saeed 

The exhibition attracted huge media attentions and was well covered in both print and electronic media.

A series of cultural performances were organized in the evening during the event. These included Zikr Tradition from Assam, Qawwali by Warsi Brothers from Rampur, Bhand Pather from Kashmir, Tradition of Nassari form Lucknow, performance of Milaad, Chahar Bayt from Tonk, Naat Khani and Darood Khani from Kashmir Delhi. Beside these, Sufi songs were performed by Madan Gopal Singh, a solo dance and musical performances based on the life of Woman Sufi Saint Rabia of Basra was performed by Seema Agarwal and well known play of Habib Tanvir, Agra Bazar was also the part of evening .

This event was witnessed by large number of scholars and spectators including a large crowd of media persons.

Two DVDs have been produced under this project: One on Aqeedat Ke Rang by Yousuf Saeed concentrating on folk tradition among the Muslim of north India. The second based on the performance organized last year on the same theme. The DVD produced by Yousuf Saeed was released at the inaugural ceremony and is available for sale. 

A series of religious posters in print and digital format have been acquired from Yousuf Saeed’s collections and a catalogue is being prepared of the same for publication. 


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